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Venturer Scouts.

For youth ages 15 to 18 years of age.
Meeting on Thursday nights 7 to 9pm.

Venturer Scouts challenges young people to expand their comfort zones like never before, with a focus on:

- Seeking new challenges and adventures 

- Exploring independence

- Facing and overcoming fears

- Identifying and leading positive social change

- Developing a sense of self

Venturer Scouts are challenged to ‘look wide’ – to seek opportunities for adventure that they may not have previously thought possible, through fun, adventure and personal challenges.

Venturer Scouts are encouraged to pursue their interests in greater depth, through activities that include exploring wilderness Australia, camping above the snowline or diving on coral reefs; abseiling into a limestone cave or climbing a sheer rock face; and white water kayaking and mountain biking on expeditions across real mountains. 

Venturer Scouts drive their own Unit programs, guided by highly trained and experienced adults. Through the Unit program, Venturer Scouts practice and enhance their leadership and planning abilities, develop necessary skills and safety techniques, find a sense of belonging and share the experience of personal development. 

Every three years, Venturer Scouts have the opportunity to attend a National Jamboree where they join 10,000 other youth members from around Australia and across the world for a 10 day camp.


Cnr Garling St & Cox Ct
Willagee, Western Australia

Meeting Times

Joeys (Ages 6-7)
Monday 5-6pm

Cubs (Ages 8-10)
Monday 6:30-8pm


Phone: +618 6240 7700  


Scouts (Ages 11-14)
Wednesday 7-9pm

Venturers (Ages 15-18)
Thursday 7-9pm

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