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Be prepared for adventure.

Willagee Kardinya Scouts

Welcome to Willagee Kardinya Scouts

Our scout group has been established for over 60 years and we are still going strong.

Youth Program

Scouting is a rewarding and welcoming experience, regardless of age, gender or any previous experience in the global Scouting movement.

Children and young people up to the age of 25 can join a local group and enjoy a journey through the different sections of Scouting, which each have their own age-appropriate activities and colour-coded uniforms. Scouting’s program allows new members to join at any point along the way. 

Leaders help young members to transition through the different sections of Scouting. When it’s time for someone to move the next section, we want them to be excited about stepping up and being ready to take on an exciting new challenge. 

The Scouts Youth Program forms the ‘why, what, and how’ of Scouting. 

WHY – The Purpose 

The program exists to encourage young people’s personal growth and support them in their development as active citizens involved in their local, national and global communities.

WHAT – The Activities 

A diverse program of activities that are adventurous, fun, challenging, and inclusive.

HOW – The Scout Method 

The learning process is achieved through a unique method of delivery.

Throughout the scouting journey, scouts experience working as a member of a small-team or patrol, as a member of a larger unit made up of a number of scouts in the same section, and as an individual.


Cnr Garling St & Cox Ct
Willagee, Western Australia

Meeting Times

Joeys (Ages 6-7)
Monday 5-6pm

Cubs (Ages 8-10)
Monday 6:30-8pm


Phone: +618 6240 7700  


Scouts (Ages 11-14)
Wednesday 7-9pm

Venturers (Ages 15-18)
Thursday 7-9pm

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