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Cub Scouts are boys and girls between the ages of eight and ten years of age. The objective of the Cub Scout program is to provide a group environment which is intellectually stimulating, physically vital and directed towards satisfying the child’s basic need to face and overcome challenges.

The activities are based on the natural sense of fun and enthusiasm of the age group and thus the training is achieved largely through games, interaction in small groups and activities.

Cub Scouts comprise a Pack which is limited to 24 Cub Scouts of four Sixes except in special circumstances. Cub Scout Sixes are led by a Sixer. A Sixer is generally one of the older Cub Scouts and is appointed by the Cub Scout Leader in consultation with other Leaders because of known leadership qualities. The Sixer is liked and respected by others in the Six. A Sixer is identified by two stripes on the left pocket of their uniform. A Sixer is helped by a Second (a helper) who is identified by a single stripe.

A Second is also one of the older Cub Scouts and is appointed by the Leaders in consultation with the Sixer concerned. Some leadership qualities have been shown by the Second to be appointed, and he/she stands in for the Sixer and benefits from working with the Sixer.

Cub Scout adult Leaders are known by names such as Baloo and Bagheera which are derived from the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Recognising that children of Cub Scout age have a lively imagination, the Cub Scout program uses Kiplings’ Jungle Book as its theme. The "Jungle Book" provides excitement and action combined with the moral code of Jungle Law. There is development from one skill to another (training expressed in all stories of Mowgli), there is physical fitness, love of nature, self-reliance, obedience, loyalty and courtesy. Therefore all parts of Scouting philosophy can find illustration in the" Jungle Book".

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Meeting Times

Joeys Mob   Mon 5:30-6:30pm
Cubs Pack   Mon 7-8:30pm 
Scouts Troop   Wed 7-9pm 
Venturers   Thu 7-9pm
Phone: 1800SCOUTS
Email: Click Here
Location: 10 Cox Court
Willagee WA 6156


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